Authors are requested to  review the journal’s Guidelines for Authors before submitting their work. Completed manuscripts should be emailed to [email protected]. Please note that manuscripts must be submitted by the author themselves and not by anyone else on their behalf.


Author Information

Author  to  provide a final list of co-authors along with their contact information such as institutional affiliation, email address and cellphone numbers. This to  be included in the manuscript at the time of submission and the names to  be listed in a sequential order. 


Manuscript Preparation

Manuscripts to  be typed in Microsoft Word in Times New Roman font size 12 with double spacing. A complete manuscript must include a cover letter, title page, abstract, text, references and appendices where applicable. 



JLAHS abides by the Plagiarism Policy introduced by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan. Authors are expected to adhere to the plagiarism policy when submitting their manuscripts. In this regard, a cover letter should be submitted as part of the manuscripts which certifies that the content has not been plagiarized. 


Cover Letter

A cover letter should include the following: An explanation of why the manuscript should be published in the Journal of Liberal Arts & Human Sciences, indication of any issues related to the journal’s policies, confirmation from all authors regarding submission of the manuscript and confirmation that the manuscript has not been submitted for publication elsewhere. 


Title Page

The title page of the manuscript consists of the title of the article, the name of corresponding authors  along with their designation and the office address and email of corresponding authors.


Abstract and Keywords

An abstract of 150-250 words to  accompany the manuscript. A structured abstract should include Background, Methods, Discussion and Conclusion. Abstracts to  include 3-5 relevant keywords. 



An introduction to  provide the background and rationale of research along with a brief literature review. The purpose of the article to  be highlighted in the introduction  along with relevant citations.References to be used where required. 



The methodology of research must be clearly explained in this section.  Ethical considerations must also be included if the research involved interaction with others. 



The discussion to  reflect on the findings of the research in relation with their limitations and the scope for future research. This section should refer back to the purpose of research but should not be redundant or repetitive. New citations to  be used and the references already mentioned in the Introduction should not be repeated. 



The conclusion to align with the objectives of the study and should clearly explain its relevance and importance.



All participants who do not qualify as authors to  be included. These include but are not limited to department chair, technical assistants, financial support, data collectors and analysts. 



All work to  be cited in a consistent referencing style i.e. APA 7th edition.